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Choosing a Pilates teacher

First and foremost your Pilates teacher should be fully qualified having undergone training with a reputable training company. Pilates qualifications take quite some time to complete, as prospective teachers have to study and pass theory exams, present a number of case studies and assignments, plan progressive and remedial Pilates programmes, and undertake final assessments based around hours and hours of practice teaching. Below you will find some hints and tips about what to look for when joining Pilates classes:

  • If you are a new participant in a class you should always be welcomed and asked to complete a questionnaire regarding your health, well being, and any injuries that may affect exercise.
  • If you are offered group classes that run on a course/term basis, these are an excellent choice. You more likely to be committed so that you can improve and gain maximum benefit, and your teacher can to get to know you and ensure that you are applying the correct technique to perform the exercises safely. 
  • It is really important that your teacher is constantly observing and communicating throughout your class, teaching you the correct technique, providing verbal cues and making sure that you get a little bit of personal attention and encouragement when needed.
  • The class content should provide variety and be well planned by your teacher so that you progress each week, as well include some teaching aids, such as floor mats, head cushions, blocks and bands etc.
  • Most of all your Pilates teacher should be enthusiastic and passionate about Pilates, have a track record of practical experience and knowledge, be able to execute and demonstrate the exercises well. They should also be really genuine about sharing the benefits of Pilates with you, and teaching classes in a well structured, comprehensive and thought out way.

You can find out some more about what to expect at Jane Fletcher Pilates by clicking on Jane's Story.


‘Jane's Pilates lessons have been a revelation-developing exercises that combine fun and learning, and taught in a structured manner that serves both the needs of the individual as well as class members. Jane welcomes all members to her class and encourages them to achieve movement and skills they thought would not have been possible only weeks earlier. Janes lessons are not repetitive, rather they are carefully planned and structured and are designed to create a relaxed atmosphere which passes all too quickly. The timing of lesson activities and exercises is superb, and combines pace with time to  attend to individuals requirements. The motto is ‘ask and I can help’, though more often Jane is quick to spot and respond to peoples needs so that with a quick tweak made, individual confidence boosted. I have attended four different classes, and Jane's high energy levels are the same every time, encouraging relaxed participation regardless of ability. Starting as a complete beginner I have developed an improved knowledge of Pilates, and its value in everyday physical activity and well being. I have also been given the skills to practice my own exercises at home, which is the definition of an outstanding class teacher.’