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About Pilates Classes

 Why do Pilates Classes?
  • Feel longer, leaner, less stressed and more energised
  • Improve your fitness but in a structured, gentle and progressive way
  • Take part in exercise that is low impact and less painful on your bones and joints
  • Help relieve those aches and pains that stop you doing as much as you would like to do
  • Strengthen up your core and improve your flexibility
  • Devote just one hour to yourself doing something that makes YOU feel GREAT
What do I need?

All you need to do to take part in Pilates are some comfortable clothes, and if taking part in online classes, a space to lie down and access to a laptop, PC, iPad, tablet or mobile  phone. A mat is optional if you have one, but a towel is a great alternative, as is a separate folded towel if you do not have a Pilates head mat.  

Online classes take place via the online meeting platform ZOOM which is ever so easy to set up. If you are not so sure, you can always contact me to help you and you can also take a look at my ZOOM Hints and Tips article in my blog area.

Beginners/Refreshers Pilates  

These classes are also a great if are brand new to Pilates exercise, and as a refresher if you have done Pilates in the past and want to take it up again. We will cover all the basics you need to progress and before you know it you will look better, feel better and have the confidence to move onwards and upwards to my other classes. All beginners courses also come with access to my Beginners online video library and some key exercise instructions for you to practice at home. See my latest Beginners course availability HERE

Mixed Ability Pilates 

In my classes I cater for all different levels so that you can keep the moves gentle and restorative, or you can progress and challenge yourself a little more with the higher level exercises that are offered. A fantastic way to develop your knowledge and experience of Pilates. My timetable of classes takes place between Tuesday - Saturday via livestream as well as anytime, anywhere with my On Demand video library, where access is free with any Unlimited Class Pass bookings.

Improver/Intermediate Pilates

During all of my classes I will offer progressive and more dynamic exercise options which are ideal for you if you already have a good level of fitness from other types of activities or sport, or if you already have a good working knowledge of Pilates or Yoga.

Advanced Level Pilates

Ideal if you have been practising Pilates for quite some time, are fit and healthy and would like to push your boundaries by joining a class that includes a powerful and challenging abdominal workout section with exercises taken from the original classical mat sequences developed by Joseph Pilates. Advanced classes are more specialist and scheduled separately to the timetable. Just click on the link below to register your interest in Advanced Pilates.


What else do I need to know?

My classes offer a continuous flow of movements that are well balanced and developed to strengthen, stretch and tone, as well as mobilise your joints. You will learn how to breathe while at the same time keep your deep muscles gently contracted, and you will develop movement skills that you never thought you had - or had been long forgotten! One thing is sure - by the end of each class you will have used every muscle!

You should always listen to your own body and work at a level that is right for you, especially when participating in online classes. I aways say that nothing is ever compulsory. If you feel like you need to take a rest that is absolutely what you must do. 

If at any point during your class you begin to feel faint, dizzy or have physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and seek medical advice. Please follow instructions careful and apply your judgement regarding the suitability of any exercises, choosing the level and any progressions that are appropriate for you, and resting when you need to do so. 

By participating inclasses, you are doing so at your own risk. Jane Fletcher Pilates is not responsible or liable for any injury or harm you may sustain as a result of taking part.   




"I always feel so much better when I finish than when I started..."  Julie


*If you are currently seeing a health practitioner regarding any medical / physical complaint it is advisable to get advice from them first before you undertake any form of exercise.