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Adult Ballet Classes 

Ballet is certainly one of the most well known and most practiced forms of dance with many people being introduced to it from a very young age.  However you certainly do not have to be young to take up ballet classes,  or indeed start classes again after a break (however long that may be) so that you can rekindle a hidden passion for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment of dancing!

There are after all a huge number of health and well being benefits that replicate those of Pilates such as better posture, improved flexibility and muscle agility, better co-ordination and balance and can be a wonderful reliever of stress. Joining a ballet class and interacting with like minded people also promotes a healthier life and is a great opportunity to make friends and learn together from new experiences. 

As former ballet dancers, both my husband Graham and I (Graham was  a Principal dancer with The Royal Ballet Company) have always been asked if we would consider offering adult ballet classes in our area. So, after long last we have decided to work alongside each other and provide a choice of two adult different adult ballet classes:

*Coming soon - Adult Ballet Classes*: 

These classes are coming soon to in Market Harborough. They will be open to all adults with a love and appreciation of dancing - so perhaps you danced when you were younger and would love to take it up again, or would simply enjoy the ballet class experience.

Classes will cover all the basics you need so that you have the foundations of ballet movements and posture, and later on you will also progress to learn some dance choreography from some of the famous ballets. As ballet movements can be adapted to suit all different levels of ability, everyone will have the chance to enjoy this section of the class.

Open Ballet Classes:

Equally as enjoyable, these classes are at a higher level, so ideal for anyone who is an older student of 16 years plus, working dancers, ex-professional dancers, dance teachers who may simply like to take a bit of time out for their own practice or anybody who would consider themselves to be at Intermediate experience level. These classes are currently following the Royal Academy of Dancing's Discovering Repertoire Level 4 programme and run as part of the Dance Activate timetable at Wigston College.

About Graham Fletcher Dip RBS (TCPD) RAD RTS

Graham Fletcher was a leading Principal Dancer of The Royal Ballet Company and starred in numerous performances at The Royal Opera House Covent Garden, as well as film, television and West End theatre. He is an accomplished dance teacher, director and choreographer with engagements that have included highly reputable vocational dance schools, Billy Elliot productions and The Royal Ballet School.

Graham is Director at Dance Activate which a highly respected centre of excellence for training in a range of dance styles, including classical ballet, contemporary dance, musical theatre, tap, jazz, boys only, classes, girls pointe work and performance. Dance Activate has helped many young and talented students springboard their training into some of the top UK vocational schools and onwards into their chosen dancing careers.

You can find out details of where these classes are available by scrolling down the Timetable page. You can also contact [email protected] directly with any queries or for more information or telephone 07717 721916.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul"......Martha Graham

''The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word''.....Mata Hari