Autumn Term 2019

Saturday 7th September - Thursday 19th December 2019


Please see the calendar for more detailed information regarding term and holiday dates for each venue. You can download your copy of the AUTUMN TERM CALENDAR HERE


To book please contact me directly to check availability via the CONTACT PAGE including a message. If you would prefer to have a chat about the class that is best for you please call me on 07776 058973. Look forward to hearing from you!



Booking a termly Pilates package

The best way of booking is through booking a full term package of classes. These are usually advertised here on my bookings page and are usually published towards the end of an existing term. There are real benefits to booking one of these packages:

  • Termly bookings are given priority in respect of availability of places
  • There is always one or more early booking discount options available saving 10 - 15% on the full price
  • You are guaranteed a place in your chosen class
  • Provides the best value for money overall
  • Ensures you get the most out of your Pilates practice by being consistent
Booking more than one termly package

If you would like to do additional classes during the week, you can always book two (or more!) termly packages to secure places in your preferred classes on a regular basis. If you have already booked one termly package and would like to attend additional classes on an ad-hoc basis, this may also be possible where there is availability, and are payable at the standard price of £9 per class.

Booking a block of Pilates classes 

If you missed booking a termly package, you still may be able to enrol in a certain number - a 'block' - of Pilates classes. These are at the standard price of £9 per session multiplied by the number of sessions you are attending. This option may be available once all full term Pilates package bookings have been received and where I have space available in a class. Once you become an existing class member you will always receive early notice of any booking offers/discounts so that you can be sure you are first to reserve your place for next time. 

Joining after the start of term/mid term

You may also be able to join classes after the start date of a term and just pay the standard price (as above option) for all the classes remaining in the term. If space is available in a suitable class you will always be able to join us, and again, once you are an existing class member you will always receive early notice of any booking offers/discounts so that you can be sure you are first to reserve your place for next time. 

Paying per class

Paying per class may be available in certain circumstances for very occasional use e.g. once or twice a term, where somebody is experienced already and where I have availability. So a good example of this may be where somebody is visiting the area on holiday, or for work purposes. The price per session is £12.

Availability/waiting list

The majority of classes do tend to get booked up very quickly, but if you miss out on booking your preferred class you can always go on my waiting list for when a place becomes available. I always contact people on a first come first served basis, so the sooner I know which class you would like to join the better!

Catch-up classes

You need never miss out if you cannot make it to your weekly class, as you are always welcome to catch up within the same term of your booking.  This is a popular option and tends to work very well for everybody, for example, when you know you have holidays coming up, outings, meetings, or simply when the unexpected happens. All you need to do is email or speak to me in advance to make sure that there is space in the class you would like to attend. 

How to pay for your booking:

You can pay for classes by cheque or online banking, details of which are included on my Booking and Registration form which I will provide to you separately. There is a nominal 50 pence extra for cheque payments.

What to bring/wear

Everything you need for taking part in my classes is provided. All you need to do is arrive wearing comfortable clothes, and a pair of socks (no trainers needed). All of my classes are different; so sometimes we may use small soft balls, weighted balls, bands, or prickle balls, and sometimes we will work without any props at all to focus on technique. Whatever we do I can assure that by the end of each class you will have used every muscle!


If you would like full details of my term dates and class times, you will find these on my Timetable page where you will be able to download your own copy of the current term's calendar, and you will also find full details of my T's & C's and privacy policy. 

Any questions?

If you have any questions at all you can email me at or have a chat by telephone on 07776 058973. Alternatively go to my contact page to send me your details and a short message. Look forward to hearing from you!