6 great reasons why Pilates is good for you!

If you have heard about Pilates but you haven't quite decided to take it up, perhaps you need a little bit of motivation or some convincing. I am honoured to have the privilege of being able to teach Pilates and see what an amazing difference it makes to people's physicality and well being. I love it when someone transforms how they look, feel and move after only a very short time getting to grips with the principles.


It is a really great start if you can do just one Pilates class a week, and if you can manage a bit of practice in between at home, well that is going to help you even more. The best thing that came out of my lockdown experience was that I was able to create a whole library of edited On Demand Pilates class videos. This is a real game changer as it means that nobody need wait until their next live class to practice, as the video library is open to everyone who makes a live class booking at no extra cost. There is also the opportunity to join in a couple of live zoom classes as well as your live class if you are especially keen! Great value.


So if you have been wondering why Pilates is so special, here is a brief summary to tempt you:


Pilates Strengthens Your Core 

It is widely known that a really major benefit of Pilates is that it strengthens your core muscles (those of your abdominals, hip flexors and lower back). A strong core ensures that your centre is firm and lean, which in turn helps you to move and perform every day tasks better.


Increases your flexibility

With every single Pilates session that you do, you will be more flexible. As we get older we naturally become less mobile in the joints...and therefore more prone to injury and ailments. Keeping moving as we age is definitely the way forward.


Lengthens your muscles and improves posture

Pilates lengthens your muscles resulting in a much leaner and more toned look, with an upright, 'taller' and confident posture to match.


Improves your energy and sense of well - being.

Pilates increases your energy levels naturally and is also a wonderful tonic for the mind. Whether first thing in the morning or after a long day at work, spending a bit of time on yourself doing Pilates will make you feel great.


Low impact exercise that is less painful on your bones and joints

There is no running around in any of my Pilates classes! Instead, you enjoy a continuous flow of movements that are well balanced and carefully planned to strengthen, stretch and tone. You will develop movement skills that you never thought you had - or at least had been long forgotten.


Relieve aches and pains that stop you doing as much as you would like to do

How many times have you stopped yourself enjoying something because of a painful niggle or ache? Quite simply Pilates will help you enjoy more of what you like to do and live the life you wish. 


The launch of my new 2021 autumn term of Pilates classes

Next week commencing 6th September is the launch of my new LIVE (yay!) timetable of Pilates classes in Market Harborough, East Farndon and Medbourne, Leicestershire and in Cranford, Orlingbury and Broughton in Northamptonshire.


If you would like to make a start at being a healthier happier you, why not join me soon in one of my Pilates classes and / or online. Just have a look at my booking information below and my timetable of classes and get in touch directly via my contact page HERE.


Autumn term Pilates class booking (14 weeks) 

Monday 6th September 2021 - Saturday 11th December 2021
One weekly live class and / or two live online zoom classes and unlimited access to my On Demand video library = £123.50

Live Pilates class holiday week: 
Monday 16th October 2021 - Saturday 23rd October
Unlimited access to my On Demand video libraries remains open for everybody.

Catch up classes: There is no need to miss out if you happen to miss one of your booked live classes. There is always the option to catch up by joining a zoom class or dipping into a video library, but also you could just get in touch to see if I can fit you into another live class within the current term. 



This entry was posted on September 3, 2021