Success Stories

Genuinely life changing 13th March 2017
Jane has transformed my whole approach to exercise and joining her classes, as well as individual sessions, is a pleasure every week. I feel stronger and more supple than I have for years and because she concentrates on practising the correct technique, Jane has equipped me to be work on my own as well. Her whole approach to Pilates is a combination of inspiration, challenge and fun and it is genuinely life changing’.
Jane's enthusiasm is infectious

14th November 2016
I joined Janes Pilates class as a complete beginner ! I fall into the I am a mum who carries a few more pounds than I should do but I was keen to learn to improve my general fitness. Jane is really passionate about Pilates but in a lovely positive "you can do this to" kind of way. In just a few classes I was standing taller! She is aware of your limitations and helps you gently improve your flexibity and movement. With that comes the confidence that you can do more. Janes enthusiasm is infecticious and we all end the class at least a foot taller than we started!
Pilates with Jane is like unlocking a secret door 11th November 2016
Jane's Pilates sessions have been a sanctuary for me. After a stressful day I find within minutes I am focused on the exercises and calming atmosphere.

From being a complete beginner I found that after the first session I started to feel the physical benefits.The pace of the sessions is just right and new exercises are added gradually giving you time to improve and develop the basics and to learn new techniques. Jane caters for individuals with different needs and helps them perfect moves to gain maximum benefit.

My core is much stronger since beginning the Pilates and as a keen horse rider the sessions have helped me improve my balance and coordination.

Pilates with Jane is like unlocking a secret door that you did not know was there as it gives you more inner strength and flexibility. Every session I have attended I have left feeling relaxed and toned.

If I could go every day I would! Thank you Jane you are a star!!
Jane makes Pilates fun. 6th January 2016
I'm now always mentally tightening my 'corset' and standing between two plates of glass! My posture has definitely improved. Thank you, looking forward to more!
I was a complete novice when I joined Jane’s class... 26th January 2016
... and have been delighted with what I have learnt. Jane makes the classes enjoyable as well as challenging and inspires confidence. I feel I am getting stronger every week. The moves we learn vary which means that we never get bored. I would recommend Jane to anyone thinking of taking up Pilates...