Pilates Illustration

Pilates Small Equipment 

Sometimes during my classes I like to use some small equipment; usually a soft ball, resistance band, weighted ball... or even all three on occasion. Small equipment such as this adds variety, feedback and extra challenge into your workout, and are relatively inexpensive, versatile and easy to transport. Equally so, during lockdown not everybody had such items to hand, so many of us had fun with some useful alternatives such as a plastic jar of chilli sauce instead of a weight, a cushion instead of a soft ball, or a pair of leggings instead of a band! 

There are many different places to buy your own small equipment, but if you are looking for some handy links you will find these below:

Pilates Soft Balls (red 9 inch):


Resistance Bands (medium):


Pilates Soft Weighted balls (0.5kg):


Prickle Stimulating Massage Balls:


 If you are looking to buy your own mat there are also a myriad of places to buy these online or on the high street, along with Pilates head cushions which are really useful for supporting the neck, or even adding some extra padding for your hips when lying on your side. The below links are just some examples of what you may find to give you an idea, but do shop around as there are so many different options that suit a range of budgets.

Small Pilates Head Cushions & Covers (depth 1 inch):


Workout mats: