Pilates Illustration


Can Pilates help my rehabilitation after an injury or illness? Pilates can really help to speed recovery from injury or surgery, by improving mobility, posture, strength, coordination, and encouraging confidence in movement and ability. In fact, most people also say that Pilates helps them to be so much more focused on managing their movements and body going about their daily routine, so that they feel more relaxed, energised and focused on their recovery. If you are recovering from surgery, illness or injury, you are always advised to check with your GP or relevant health professional on the suitability of Pilates, and to find out if there are any specific movements that you may need to avoid.
I suffer with bad back pain. Can Pilates help? Many people find that Pilates is an ideal exercise format for helping to manage back pain, arthritis or indeed other conditions that affect muscles, bones and joints. Pilates particularly encourages the muscles that support the spine to work effectively and teaches the correct posture alignment. As Pilates is an exercise programme and not a medical treatment you must always take advice from a medical professional as to whether it is suitable for you. If so, it is often helpful to book some private 1:1 sessions before joining a group course of classes.
I am quite fit. Will Pilates benefit me at all? Certainly! Pilates improves the function of the core muscles, helps to tone the body, increases flexibility and is an aid to good posture. So, if you already workout or exercise regularly, adding some Pilates exercise to your routine will provide balance, and therefore provide a perfect cross training technique.
How often do I have to do Pilates to benefit? Yes it is definitely true! Maximum benefit is only gained by regular practice! Attending a Pilates class once a week is essential, practicing just a little everyday as well is even better, and if you can attend more than one class or add in a private session – well that is just excellent. Whatever you are able to commit to doing, you can always be absolutely confident that it will be hugely beneficial to you in the long term.
Can I do Pilates during and after pregnancy? Pilates is an excellent source of exercise during pregnancy once the first trimester has passed, as well as for the post natal mum looking to get back to fitness through safe exercise. Pilates helps to repair the function of the pelvic floor, strengthen up the deep abdominal muscles, combat the tension and muscle imbalances that can happen as a result of feeding, and most of all give mums a bit of timeout to relax and focus on themselves.