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Meet your Pilates teacher...my story

When I was young girl, all I wanted to was to be a ballerina and I finally realised my dream when, at 17 years old, I was offered a place with the English National Ballet Company. I was incredibly lucky to dance my very first role with the iconic male dancer of his time, Rudolf Nureyev.

As a ballet dancer, Pilates was definitely part of my everyday life. I practiced it throughout my entire professional career - and have done ever since I hung up my pointe shoes. My whole inspiration to become a fully qualified Pilates teacher came from the huge benefits that it brought to me as a dancer, and how it helps now with all those niggling aches and pains that seem to go hand in hand with more birthdays!

I love Pilates, and as a former ballerina I like to teach Pilates in a way which is enjoyable, fresh and unique, and which I share through carefully planned classes.

I am wife to Graham, former principal dancer of The Royal Ballet Company and Mum to my hugely inspiring and incredibly dedicated Tokyo 2020 Olympic champion sailor son, Dylan Fletcher...as well as our cheeky little Jack Russell terrier Hugo.

My approach to teaching Pilates:

As a former ballerina I wanted to draw on my experience to develop a style and method of teaching Pilates which is quite different, and which I can share through carefully planned and enjoyable classes:

  • Encouraging a confident, upright, tall and poised posture
  • Focus on quality of movement and technique
  • Developing long, lean and toned muscles 
  • Creating flowing, rhythmic content - where time just flies!
  • Inspiring enjoyment of exercise and personal achievement

You will find that my classes are welcome and friendly; you will join a lovely community of like-minded people and it will be no time at all before you will really feel the benefits of Pilates. For me, it is a huge privilege to see the amazing difference and improvement it will make to you.

My Pilates training:


Following my professional career as a ballerina and a subsequent life in corporate Learning and Development, I trained and qualified with an award winning Pilates training organisation to advanced level, and always work to a code of practice which governs teaching standards, professional ethics and continuing professional development. 

I have extensive practical knowledge and experience of the different Pilates teaching methods of today, ranging from classical Pilates, right through to more modern and contemporary approaches such as Body Control Pilates. I really enjoy upholding the tradition of Joseph Pilate's work, as well as being more creative and adding more variety with my personal style and method. 

To find out how you can enrol please get in touch with me directly via my contact page. I will look forward to hearing from you.  

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