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Beginners Pilates Classes 

  • Would you like to live a happy and active life free from pain, aches and injury?

  • Have you ever thought of starting Pilates but have never quite had the confidence to take those first steps into a class? 

  • Perhaps you have benefitted from doing Pilates in the past, but feel you need a good refresher to get you going again?

  • Or have you been advised that Pilates may help you with the onset of arthritis in your hips or joints by strengthening the muscles supporting those joints?

From time to time, I run a course of open beginners classes which are published on this page. These are perfect if you are brand new to Pilates, or as a refresher if you have done Pilates in the past and would like to return to it. 

Alternatively, you may wish to book one of the following options:

Private Beginners class plus On Demand Beginners Video Library package:

An alternative to joining a group Pilates class straight away, is to book my Beginners Pilates package above. It offers great value for money, as you have the option to book either one or two private Pilates classes, and then practice at home by yourself via access to my online On Demand Beginners Pilates video library:

  • 1 hour private Pilates session plus On Demand Video Library Access = £75
  • 2 separate hours private Pilates sessions plus On Demand Video Library Access = £115
Private Pilates sessions only:

You are also welcome to join me on a private face to face, or live online basis to get you started, whether that is by yourself or with a friend or two to share the costs. 

  • One-to-One = £45 per hour
  • One-to-Two = £75 per hour (£37.50 per person)
  • One-to-Three = £90 per hour (£30 per person)
  • One-to-Four = £100 per hour (£25 per person)

Whether you want to attend a group class or join me privately, all you need to do to get started is to get in touch by telephone on 07776 058973, or contact me HERE. Please be sure to include your contact details and a brief message.

What to expect from your beginners classes:

 In your beginners classes you will learn all the principles and foundation moves relating to Pilates exercise, be taken through the fundamentals of good posture and movement patterns, and activate all those muscles that may have been long forgotten. 

During each class I will demonstrate the exercises for you to practice alongside me and learn, so that then I can step back to observe and offer adjustments for you to be able to maximise the benefit of the exercises. 

You will receive all the attention you need to improve and, if you have chosen my Beginners Pilates package, you will receive your own link and password to my On Demand video library, so that you can practice at home as often as you should wish.