The A-Z of Pilates - G is for Pilates elders with surname beginning with G


Eve Gentry (1909-1994) was an original disciple of Joseph Pilates and a master teacher of his technique to generations of instructors. Eva had a really successful modern dance career, dancing under her stage name of Henrietta Greenwood until she adopted her husband's surname of Gentry in 1945. She suffered with persistent back and knee problems which eventually led her to investigate, and later teach, Joseph Pilates ‘Contrology’ at his Pilates Studio in New York for thirty years. In 1968 she then moved to New Mexico where she established a Pilates Studio on Camino de la Luz and, in 1991, an institute devoted to the Pilates method.


Just click on the  photograph below to see a magical Youtube clip of Eve talking about Pilates and her experience at Joseph's studio in New York and some very wise words that she has to say about teaching......lovely!



EVE Gentry

Eve Gentry (died June 17, 1994 at age 84)

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