The A - Z of Pilates...D is for Disciples and Développé

Joseph P studio


This time for my A-Z I could not choose between D for Disciples or D for Développé – so I decided to include them both.


Firstly, D for Disciples

Joseph Pilates died in 1967 and his wife Clara and his fellow 'disciples' of Pilates went onto to continue teaching his original classical Pilates exercise method. These disciples are also referred to as elders, and were either devoted students who went onto open their own studios, or original instructors who taught at Pilate’s studio in New York. Interestingly, they were all mostly from a dancing or ballet background, and included people such as Eve Gentry, Ron Fletcher, Carole Trier, Lolita San Miguel, Kathy Grant and Romana Kryzanowska. Each one has not only kept Joseph Pilates' work going but infused it with their own character, insights, and personal experience of his exercise method. There is plenty to read about these, and others, on the internet but there is a nice little snippet about them included here:



Secondly…D is for Développé

Inspired by Debbie McGee's gorgeous Développé in Strictly Come Dancing I just had to include this extra 'D' in my A-Z. Développé is actually a classical ballet term meaning “developing movement.” During this term, I have been including this type of développé movement as part of my leg exercise sequences focusing on hip flexion and extension. Essentially this is where the working leg unfolds and develops from a bent position into an extended straight leg position, and can actually be carried out in a forward, sideways or backwards motion. We did the forward motion, as Debbie did in her beautiful dance, whilst lying down on our backs, strengthening the hip flexors, stabilising muscles of the spine, and creating length and flexibility in the hamstrings.


Everyone was so inspired by Debbie that we just had to rename one of our exercises as ‘The Debbie McGee’! Check out the picture below for her wonderful version which was so fabulous that it was widely publicised in a host of national daily newspapers all around the world. Husband Graham and I, albeit former dancers, usually do not watch 'Strictly', but given that Debbie and I were at The Royal Ballet School together all those years ago, and Graham worked with her too, we could not really miss it this time around. So good luck dear Debbie - you definitely have our vote!



This entry was posted on November 6, 2017