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Pilates For Dancers

As a former dancer I am really pleased to see that many dance schools now recognise Pilates as a valuable training method, and that some of the top dance companies in the world now employ qualified Pilates teachers to work with their dancers. Pilates is definitely seen by many a professional dancer as a "secret weapon" for developing strength and technique - myself included! 

I am a young dancer - what can it do for me?

Practising Pilates regularly as a young dancer can have a hugely beneficial effect in strengthening your core muscles, which are absolutely essential during a ballet class as these muscles should be active and working during every movement. Pilates really helps your body learn how to activate and 'switch on' these muscles so that you can become a stronger more controlled dancer. Pilates will help give you a strong centre, which is extremely important for technique, placement, turns, jumps, landing from jumps, and pointe work. As you practice Pilates, you may discover muscles you never even knew you had! Before long you will begin to recognise these new muscles during certain steps and movements, allowing you to perform them with your fullest range of motion. 

How do I get started?

There is a choice of options for you to start doing Pilates for Dancers:

  • You can book on an individual, bring a friend, or small group basis See further below for pricing.
  • Enquire about availability in my Pilates for Dancers classes which run in association with Ballet Associates on a monthly basis in Leicester; an exclusive classical ballet training programme run by former principal dancer of The Royal Ballet Company Graham Fletcher Dip RBS (TCPD) RTS.
  • You may also be able to join Pilates classes from my normal Class Timetable depending on your age.
  • 1 person = £45 
  • 1 person = £40 per session for two or more sessions 

Single session prices divided between number of people attending:

  • 2 people = £65
  • 3 people = £75 
  • 4 people = £80
  • 5 people = £85
  • 6 people = £90

Multiple session prices divided between number of people attending:

  • 2 people = £60
  • 3 people = £70 
  • 4 people = £75
  • 5 people = £80
  • 6 people = £85

Please enquire if your group size does not fit the above pricing. I may also be able to help with venue hire which would be a relatively small additional cost to the prices quoted above.

You can also combine your private Pilates for Dancers session with private Coaching for Dancers e.g. perhaps you are coming up to exams and would like to work on your technique, artistry and presentation, or you have competitions coming up and you would like to get ahead with some private coaching for your competition pieces.

To find out more all you need to do is to telephone 07776 058973 or submit your details and a message on my contact page.