New Year 2023...Refreshing & Invigorating Pilates Classes

Hello and a very Happy New Year to  you all

I hope you had a super time over Christmas and thank you very much to those of you who have been in touch to book for our forthcoming spring term of Pilates. 

I start the New Year tomorrow morning at Cranford and I have to say that after all that relaxing, I am certainly very much looking forward to moving, and stretching. After an afternoon practising with Inde the Siamese and Hugo the Jack Russell making their presence felt, I am pleased to say that our week one fresh and invigorating class plan is in now firmly in place!


On that point… and randomly… how about a fresh and invigorating spring desert recipe?


I thoroughly enjoy the festive fare of Christmas, but after a few days I am yearning for rather less of the Christmas pudding et al. So, with an invite to an old dancing friend of mine in London for dinner, I decided to take her and her husband some of my favourite Orange and Lemon Gin Jellies as a desert contribution. 

I have shared this recipe with some people before, but I was inspired to share it with you all just in case, like me, you are ready for a little freshness for the menu. By the way, I am sure that it would work perfectly well without the Gin if you are not a fan:



Orange & Lemon Gin Jellies


  • 475ml freshly squeezed orange juice with bits
  • 4 leaves of Dr Oetker platinum grade gelatine (Waitrose stock it)
  • 75g granulated sugar
  • 75 - 100ml Gin 
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • Raspberries or crystalised orange/lemon pieces to garnish



Place 100ml orange juice in a bowl and add the gelatine leaves. Leave to soften for 10 minutes.
Pour another 100ml of orange juice into a pan with the sugar and heat until dissolved.
Add the softened gelatine and juice to the pan and heat gently until fully dissolved.
Pour into a jug; Add the rest of the orange juice, lemon juice and gin to taste.
Pour into nice glass desert dishes or glasses and leave to set in the fridge.
Top with raspberries or crystalised fruits.


Recommend a Friend:

Most of my classes are now fully booked up, but should you happen to know and recommend someone to come along and try a class at either Cranford on Tuesday morning, Medbourne on Friday mornings, or East Farndon on Thursday mornings, I  do have a little availability in all four classes now. If someone does try a class, and then later signs up for the remainder of the term, I would really like to offer 10% off your next term's booking - an extra 5% off the existing class members advance priority booking price. 


Website updates:

Over the holiday I have made some changes to my website, added a couple of new pages; Term Dates and Booking & Prices. Perhaps the Term Dates page may be particularly useful if you would like to make a diary note. 

On Demand Video Library passwords:

These have been updated now and will follow by separate email so that you have it to hand.


And finally...


Looking forward to seeing you if you are joining me this time around.  If you would like to join me all you need to do is get in touch HERE.

Warmest wishes always


Jane x


Telephone: 07776 058973

This entry was posted on January 2, 2023