The A - Z of Pilates - W for Why did I start teaching Pilates?

Why did I start teaching Pilates?  Well…. the question that I ask myself every single day is not ‘Why did I start teaching Pilates?’ but ‘Why on earth did I not start teaching Pilates sooner?'.


After all, I have been practicing Pilates for what seems to be forever!  Originally I was a professional ballet dancer, and along with all of my other ballet company members, I worked exceptionally hard fulfilling a relentless schedule of rehearsals and performances, which inevitably resulted in the odd little injury or joint/muscle niggle here and there.  It was at a routine physio session to iron out one of these niggles when the question of my Scoliosis (curvature) of my spine came up. I had never had anyone query this before, and it certainly wasn’t causing any particular problems at the time, but it was recommended that I should have it checked out further. Anyway, to cut a long story short, and after much further checking out and visits to see various specialists, it was suggested that I might consider an operation. Since I was definitely not keen on this particular option, the ballet company helped me to investigate alternatives to keep me strong and, most important of all, keep me dancing. 


Pilates was relatively unknown all those years ago, with only a couple of people specialising in teaching it in London – Alan Herdman and Dreas Reyneke – both of whom were very well known for working with and rehabilitating dancers.  I firstly went to work with Dreas and then later on, to attend Alan’s studio on a regular basis. Well what a difference both of these superb people made to my physical strength and balletic technical ability! It was a revelation, and very soon I was absolutely hooked on this amazing method of exercise.  Pilates became part of my daily ballet life, and even long after I had I hung up my pointe shoes you could always find me booked in as a participant of a series of Pilates classes somewhere.  I never did have that suggested operation, and although my Scoliosis will always be there, I am absolutely confident that it is Pilates that has kept me strong for all these years.



So, back to the original question, ‘Why did I start teaching Pilates?’ Well, it all came down to the nature and travel involved with the very last job I had after being a ballet dancer. I was travelling the length and breadth of the country as a Learning & Development consultant, stuck in hotels and in traffic a lot of the time and, most annoyingly of all, missing participating in my weekly (booked and paid for!) Pilates classes.  I decided that there just had to be another way, and I spent many a driving or hotel hour pondering this thought.  Then, thankfully, one day whilst in a lonely hotel room a long way away from home, I had a little lightbulb moment – the answer was staring me in the face; spend a year training to become a qualified Pilates teacher; resign from said job when qualified; set up my own small Pilates business! Simple!


Fast forward several years later now, and here I am. I have never looked back once; I love every minute and most of all I love to see the fantastic progress that all of my wonderful class members make week on week.  I teach Pilates locally at a number of venues throughout the week (see my Timetable page), but I also love to do my own bit of practice from time to time, especially when I am on holiday. As holiday in the summer months is mostly about boating on the south coast, I am often found sneaking in a little exercise or two whilst lying on a nearby jetty, on the beach, or even (very carefully) on the deck of our boat....see below video clip! 

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If you would like to read a little bit more of the benefits of Pilates just click on the link below. If you would like to give Pilates a go for yourself just get in touch with me via my contact page to check for class availability. Cheerio for now!



This entry was posted on June 13, 2019