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Pilates Classes

 Why do Pilates Classes?
  • Feel longer, leaner, less stressed and more energised
  • Improve your fitness but in a structured, gentle and progressive way
  • Take part in exercise that is low impact and less painful on your bones and joints
  • Help relieve those aches and pains that stop you doing as much as you would like to do
  • Strengthen up your core and improve your flexibility
  • Devote just one hour to yourself doing something that makes YOU feel GREAT
What happens in a class?

Everything you need for taking part in my classes is provided. All you need to do is arrive wearing comfortable clothes, and a pair of socks (no trainers needed). All of my classes are different; so sometimes we use small balls, sometimes bands, as well as working without any props at all. By the end of each class you will have used every muscle!

The class will be a continuous flow of movements that are well balanced and developed to strengthen, stretch and tone, as well as mobilise your joints. You will learn how to breathe while at the same time keep your deep muscles gently contracted, and you will develop movement skills that you never thought you had - or had been long forgotten. You will always be encouraged to work at a level that's right for you, and I aways say that nothing is ever compulsory. If you feel like you need to take a rest whilst everyone finishes off what they are doing, that is absolutely what you must do.

Early booking for classes is advised as mat classes are very popular. Just click on the class timetable here for full details of all classes and venues, and read on to find out a little more about the types of classes I have to offer:

Beginners/Refreshers Pilates 

Beginners Pilates covers all the basics and provides the gateway to further improvement. These classes are also a great refresher if you have done Pilates in the past and want to take it up again, or simply are not sure of the correct technique and want to build up a bit of confidence. New classes are scheduled from time to time, and there is always the option to attend a small number of private one to one or bring a friend sessions before signing up to a scheduled class. 

Mixed Ability Pilates 

Once you have learnt the basics you will find that you are able to go at your own pace and ability. In these classes you can keep the moves gentle and restorative to suit your own level, or you can progress and challenge yourself a little more. Either way you will continue to improve your posture, strengthen your core muscles and develop your fitness.

Improver/Intermediate Pilates

These classes are more dynamic and are ideal for you if you already have a good level of fitness from other types of activities or sport, or if you already have a good working knowledge of Pilates or Yoga. In these classes you will be able to take on more of a challenge as you will be working is a higher level session.

Pilates for Dancers

Pilates is renowned to be particularly beneficial for all dancers, especially for young dancers in training who aspire to a career pathway in dance. My specialist sessions are designed to strengthen the core and postural muscles, increase flexibility, balance, control and, most of all, complement ballet technique. Classes can be arranged by contacting me directly, or you can find more information here at Pilates for Dancers.

By taking part in Pilates classes you will find that you improve your posture, feel longer and leaner, improve your body alignment, balance and breathing - and definitely improve your core strength. You can also always be confident you will receive the personal attention you need to gain maximum benefit from taking part, and you are guaranteed to find yourself in a very friendly environment.

"I always walk out feeling so much better than when I walked in..."  Julie

*If you are currently seeing a health practitioner regarding any medical / physical complaint it is advisable to get advice from them first before you undertake any form of exercise.