The A-Z of Pilates - Z is for ZOOM Online Classes Hints and Tips


Well...... finally I found a topic for the letter 'Z' in my A-Z of Pilates!!


Zoom is the online platform that I use for my livestream Online Pilates Classes and to share recorded versions with all my wonderful class participants. To help you join in as well, please take a look at my handy little guide to getting started below:


Getting Started


  • If you are using an iPad, tablet or mobile for joining in with Zoom classes it may make life easier to download the 'Zoom Cloud Meetings' App in advance.
  • If you are using a laptop or Pc for your Zoom classes you will just be asked to ‘allow’ the download of Zoom the first time that you login to each meeting. 
  • There is no need to create a Zoom account or sign up to Zoom to be able to login to a Zoom Pilates class. 
  • If you have Zoom software on your device already, the meeting ID link provided will take you direct to the class, then enter the password.
  • If using an iOS device, such as an iPad or iPhone, click 'call using internet audio' when you login.
  • If using a laptop, click 'join with computer audio'. If you forget then you can click 'join audio' once in the meeting; this appears as a microphone icon in the bottom left hand corner of most devices.
  • On all devices click the option to ‘join with video’ if your system allows. This means I can see you and check that we can hear each other. You can always turn your video off thereafter if you prefer. You can change this by selecting the start/stop video icon on your screen.
  • When you have joined take a look at the top right hand corner of the screen to see either 'Gallery View' or 'Speaker View'. If you are on gallery view you will be able to see other people who are in the class if you would like to say hello.
  • To 'pin' me to the main screen when on Speaker View,  just click on my image and select the option 'Pin Video'


Setting up at home:


Set up your space so that you can see and hear me clearly and have room for moving arms and legs, being aware of furniture, TV’s, ornaments, tables, other halves, pets and children etc!


You may want to have some nice music playing at home during your class so that you can relax and ‘escape’ into the world of Pilates.


Everybody's WIFI capacity varies, so the system may buffer if the signal is not so strong, or if there is lots of other internet activity going on in the house.


If you use a tablet or mobile you may find it best to unlock the screen orientation and use it horizontally.


After the warm-up I will pause so that you can move, where possible, your device down onto the floor so that you will be able to see me clearly.


Before classes begin, I will have everyone unmuted so that we can all have a chat. I will then mute our group so that you will only be able to hear me talking during class. I will also lock the meeting for security and then record our class. Afterwards I edit the recording so that I can send it out to you for practice at home - if you so wish!


I execute each of the exercises full out so that you can copy as well as listen to instruction.


During class please do listen to your own body, as it is extremely important not to attempt any exercise that causes discomfort or pain. I am not there to see your facial expressions up close! If you find that you are unsure of anything, or are having difficulty, you are very welcome to give me a call afterwards on 07776 058973.



This entry was posted on April 18, 2020