All the fun of Zoom and more from Claire's kitchen!


I absolutely cannot believe that I am almost at the end of running our autumn term of Pilates on Zoom. I have been Zooming for that long now that I am not even fazed by its sometimes surprising little foibles that crop up every so often. I really never thought that my studio at the top of my house would become such a special place and, to all intents and purposes, a mini film studio. I have professional lights, 'reassuringly' expensive (supposedly!) ear phones... and now, I am absolutely delighted to say, the addition of a lovely big screen so that I can see everyone much more clearly. It is absolutely fabulous.....almost like having my amazing class members in my studio with me and just really makes me smile!


That is not the only thing that makes me smile. I just love our pre-class moments when everyone joins into Zoom, says hello and we share a bit of news or chat. Our 'goldfish brokerage' morning chat was especially fun, not to mention the odd spot of recipe sharing, the funny little posts shared on our What's App group and the odd 'live' baking exploit shared by Claire from her kitchen in Orlingbury. In true form, and in the spirit of our lead up to Christmas she has now very kindly shared her Christmas Mincemeat Shortbread recipe for us all to try. So here it is....straight from the kitchen in Orlingbury to the cloud in the sky!


Christmas Mincemeat Shortbread by Claire:


10 oz    Plain Flour

8 oz      Butter

5 oz      Caster Sugar

Pinch Salt

1 jar / part jar Mincemeat

Caster sugar to finish


  1. Line 9 inch square tin with parchment / grease proof paper 
  2. Put all shortbread ingredients into a food processor and blitz, ensuring good mixing until a clumpy texture
  3. Press ½ - 2/3 into the baking tin; level and press quite firmly
  4. Spread Mincemeat jar contents over, leaving a small margin at the edge
  5. Tip remaining shortbread or the top, spread as best you can to cover mincemeat and press lightly
  6. Cook in pre-heated oven starting at 170C for 10 mins and reducing to 160C for a further 30 mins until just starting to go golden brown. (If you overcook it, it will be a little harder)
  7. Dust/dredge with caster sugar when cooked and leave to cool
  8. Cut into squares or shape of your choice when cooled. (If you try to cut it up when warm, it will crumble and fall apart)


Notes :


I like Waitrose Amaretto Mincemeat best and you can always extra alcohol to any mincemeat (up to around 8%) but don’t let it become too wet.


You can also mix any favourite fruits or inclusions of your choice into the mincemeat as well, my favourites are glacé cherries and stem ginger.


You don’t need to add a whole jar of mincemeat if you only want a “taste”.


You can make the shortbread part in advance and store in the fridge, but do not layer in the mincemeat  too far in advance of baking it off, because the mincemeat will “wet” the shortbread base too much; it will not bake well and overall become too soft.

Christmas Shortbread


This entry was posted on December 8, 2020